Tips for good audio quality

The better the quality of the audio in your media files, the better the accuracy of the transcripts—and the less editing you need to do.

Below are some tips to help improve audio quality in your recordings.

  • Record on a high-quality device at a high bitrate—we recommend 256 kbit/s or better
  • Record as directly from the source as possible, e.g. record a computer video call directly on the computer, not with a mobile phone beside the computer's speaker
  • Place the microphone close to speakers—distant voices are hard to detect
When you record
  • If possible, limit the number of speakers and ask them to speak slowly, clearly and one at a time
  • Try to ensure that only one language is spoken—when you submit the audio for transcription you can select only one language to guide the automated transcription
  • Try to maintain a consistent volume level without long pauses
  • Minimize background noise
  • Be aware that strong accents and multiple accents can reduce accuracy e.g. mixed British and American accents may give less accurate results than only British or American accents
  • Be aware that slang expressions may not be recognized in the automatic transcription